Kayaking Excursions & Boat Transport Victoria BC

We provide return-trip boat transportation from Sidney (just north of Victoria BC) to any of the Gulf Islands if you wish to go kayaking for the day. Our day rates apply.  1/2 price for one-way drop off, no return.


  1. Bring your own kayaks - maximum 4 kayaks (1 or 2 seaters ok)
  2. For Day trips you can also use our 2 single seater inflatable kayaks if you don’t wish to bring your own - no extra cost

We will discuss your preferences - beaches, widlife, scenery, and more - then rough out an itinerary best suited to your preferences.

For day trips our boat acts as the escort and provisions boat. Feel free to bring food and spirits which are stored on our boat to enjoy your day.

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sea kayaking Sidney Island - Gulf Islands BC

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sea kayaking excursions Victoria BC

Baby Orca and 6 breaches

This was a perfect vacation - loved the room and view - stayed here our first two days watching the Otter and her baby - the 16 Swans (2 babies), hundreds of Geese - Ducks - Herons - Deer and even a Sea Plane! We look forward to seeing that and maybe us on the website Dieter! Be sure to take a Whale Watching trip through the Islands with Dieter - we saw lots of Whales - a baby Orca and 6 Breaches!! Another must - Port Renfrew and the trails at China Beach. Canada is a beautiful country and the people are wonderful! Thank you Dieter and Annette, Monty and Emily - come visit us!