What to wear

The survival suits seen in the picture below serve as both floatation suits and to keep you warm - the ocean water temperature is 56° F - and dry when we encounter large waves. They are optional as we also have regular life-jackets, however, every person who has ever asked not to wear one has asked us later to stop and put one on. They have built in suspenders making them easy to peel down if you get too warm when we are stopped for a period of time.

flotation survival suits for whale watching in Victoria, BC

Pack for ALL types of weather.

The weather conditions are variable, so we strongly suggest to be prepared.

Here is a list of what we recommend you wear:

  • layered clothing - fleece is most comfortable, but anything in which you’re comfortable and warm is good
  • long pants - again focus on comfort
  • flat soled shoes; ideally running shoes which will also not scuff the boat and give you good grip
  • gloves and head cover - just in case you get cold
  • If you do not intend to wear the suits then we also recommend a good winter jacket, otherwise not needed.

Other things to bring for a smooth day at sea:

  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • camera with spare batteries
  • We supply motion sickness relief wristbands for those who tend to experience sea-sickness

motion sickness relief wrist bands

 Food, Drink and Head

  • Bottled water is always on board
  • Please bring along any light snacks and/or food you may wish to have with you - we have a cooler and running water. Insurance & Food Safe regulations prohibit us from supplying food
  • There are also islands where we can go on shore to eat - choices will vary with our location relative to wildlife
  • Again varying with our location we try to make a pit stop or two at a marina with public washrooms. For backup  there is a porta-pottie on board.

Whales, tall ship wreck and oceanside vineyards

the Crowther Family Boating Journal: Our Alaska cruise pulled in to Vancouver just after 7:30 am and by 11:30 we met up with Dieter. Our flight back home to Australia left the next day. With Dieter’s planning advice it all went like clockwork. We flew in to Ganges from the Vancouver harbour on a float plane with Salt Spring Island Air where Dieter met us. After enjoying an excellent lunch on Salt Spring we headed south through the Gulf Islands and stopped at the Saturna Island Vineyards to sample their wines and bought a few bottles. This oceanside vineyard reminded us of those back home in southern Australia near Melbourne. We also saw a tall ship wrecked on a reef near there. We passed through the San Juans where we spent an hour or so watching a super pod of Orcas. A large male breached completely out of the water just a few hundred yards from the boat. This is an experience we will never forget and recommend to anyone who loves the ocean and wildlife. Dieter dropped us off in Victoria right next to the West Coast Air float plane docks at 5:30 pm. By 7:00 pm we were back in our hotel in Vancouver! What a perfect day. This was the icing on our perfect week to the west coast. Thank you "Birds of a Feather". Next time we’ll be back to stay at your B&B in Victoria.