Private charter boats Victoria BC

Ocean going boats for hire for private boat charters in the Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands, including lakes on Vancouver Island.

The Zodiac is our primary vessel. The Zodiac brand out of France is recognised as the World’s leading manufacturer of quality RIB’s, and this is reflected in the comfort and personal safety you will enjoy when you join us for your day out on the water. With its 24 degree deadrise deep " V " hull it completes tight turns with no sideslip or cavitation. The hull feels very comfortable, stable and smooth.

Axopar 28

Zodiac Medline 3 luxury rib for hire

Click here to see Zodiac's promotional video of the Medline IIIClick here to see Zodiac’s promotional video of the Medline III



Just in case you are worried about personal safety the Zodiac Medline III is officially certified by Zodiac as unsinkable. We of course have all the legally required safety equipment onboard.

The boat has been designed to be spacious and comfortable with fitted seating for seven guests and the helmsman. On board we also have a marine toilet in the privacy of the helm cabin. The boat is also fitted with a sink with running water, a swim platform with transom shower, an electric cool box, a sun bathing deck, and a Bimini cover to give some shade from the sun. There is even a single burner ring for a hot beverage if you want an alternative to a cold can. There is lots of under seat dry storage. Under the rear 3-person passenger bench seat a huge locker can also store everything from water skis to safety equipment.

Our boat is fitted with an ultra low carbon emission Suzuki high performance 250hp engine that will speed you to your destination at a very safe 50 mph | 80 kmph. More than enough power to help you enjoy those water sports for the more adventurous amongst you.

Put simply, we have not found any RIB in its class to match the Zodiac Medline III. It will turn most for providing you with an exciting day on the water in complete comfort and luxury.

Flagship of the line, the Medline III spares no effort to ensure your comfort: hydraulic steering, large sundecks fore and aft, cabin space sufficient for marine toilets, a built-in kitchenette (sink with running water, collapsible table, stove and electric cooler). The bolster provides great piloting comfort whether standing or sitting. Approved for 8 persons for the open ocean in the "Offshore Design Category B" of the ERCD, and 15 passengers for at sea but close to shore in the "Inshore Design Category C", the Medline III can challenge the open sea with long-range cruising capacity thanks to its 2 fuel tanks totalling 345 litres (91 US gal). Officially declared unsinkable with 7 persons aboard, it received the NMMA’s Innovation Award at the Miami Boat Show.

The 28’ Axopar is used for longer charters and offers a heated cabin.

Medline 3 specsporta pottie under helm station in the Zodiac Medline 3

  Zodiac Medline III
Axopar 28
Overall Length:

7.32 m / 24’

8.74 m / 28.67’

3 m / 9’10"

 2.95 m / 9.67’
Weight: 1,100 kg / 2,425 lbs 2,064 kg / 4,550 lbs
Passengers: 8 offshore (open ocean)
15 inshore ERCD rating
6 offshore (open ocean)
 9 inshore ERCD rating
Max. Payload: 3,858 kg / 8505 lbs
2340 kg / 5159 lbs
Max. Speed: 53 mph / 85 Km/h 50 mph / 80 Km/h
Engine: 250HP Suzuki 4-stroke
quiet, low carbon emission
350 HP Mercury VERADO V6 AMS
Fuel Tanks: 176 litres rear
168 litres bow
280 litres
Buoyancy Tubes: 1’ 11"  n/a
Air Tight Compartments: 7  n/a
 The Medline III is rated unsinkable by Zodiac

 Zodiacs in open ocean are not recommended for: most seniors, pregnant women, children under 6, people with back or neck problems, or anyone suffering with incontinence or osteoporosis.

Humpys, Orcas, Stellars and California Sea Lions all in one afternoon

Every day is a unique adventure out on the Salish Sea but today’s trip stood out. We launched at Pedder Bay Marina in Metchosin to place us close to Race Rocks. As the California and Stellar Sea Lion bulls were entertaining us from their perches on the rock formations we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by a dozen or so of these mamoths swimming, diving and porpoising. Then the incredible happened. One of the stellars suddenly sprang out of the water not 40 feet from us with a huge salmon which it had just caught as it breached the surface. The salmon was squirming it the sea lion’s mouth. Just as quickly as the stellar had surfaced he dove again and repeated this motion 2 more times. All the while a dozen or so of his very excited mates were porpoising almost in unison as a group. In 12 years being out here on the ocean that was a first for me. This was just the begginning of our adventure. We had heard reports of 4 to 6 humpbacks in the general vicinity over the past week. As we networked with our colleagues we heard 6 transient orcas were nearby. We spent a bit of time enjoying the orcas before heading out in the direction of the shipping lanes where soon we spotted 4 humpbacks. They put on quite a show for us including some excellent tail flukes. The humpbacks were also very vocal. All this in the space of 4 hours on one of those special autumn days when the seas were calm and the sun was out.