Mayne Island Tour

Birds of a Feather’s Zodiac Medline III based in Victoria is available for private charter transport (water taxi) to and from Mayne Island. We are also available for marine eco-tour charters, or simply boating the west coast.

The Active Pass Light Station, also known as Georgina Point Light Station, is a familiar landmark for ferry travellers between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

Mayne Island Tour:

Mayne Island holds a charming mix of warm pebble beaches, pastoral farmland and quaint historical villages. 

This charter includes a coastal journey of Mayne Island followed by a visit to Miners Bay, the historical harbour village which plays capital to this Gulf Island.   Here you will find cafes, art galleries, and much more.  Some of the destinations you will find here include the following:

  • Red Chair Studio
  • The Treefrog Gallery
  • Mayne Island Museum

With it’s wealth of local history and natural beauty, Mayne Island has become home to many local artists and artisans.  In addition to the numerous local galleries found in Miners Bay, many of these talented individuals also invite Studio Tours during the summer months.

 The ’Ag’ Hall:

The Agricultural Hall hosts the oldest Fall Fair in the Gulf Islands.

Saturdays from June 27 to October 10: The Farmers Market at the Agricultural Hall grounds on Fernhill Road is open every Saturday from 10:00am to 1:00 pm


Mayne Island sits to the south of Active Pass, the major traffic route for vessels travelling thru the islands to Vancouver Island.

Due to its location as a halfway point between Vancouver Island and the Fraser River, Mayne Island became a resting point for the enthusiastic prospecters travelling to the Cariboo Gold Rush in 1858.  Arriving in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, many would row across to the mainland, pausing for rest in what became know as Miner’s Bay. 

The harbour soon became the social and commercial center to the Gulf Island community and Miner’s Bay has continued as the heart of Mayne Island.  There is a second harbour on the island, Village Bay, which plays host to the BC Ferries terminal that links Mayne Island to Vancouver Island. and the mainland.

The Mayne Island Museum is housed in a jail built in 1896, known as the Plumper Pass Lockup, displaying island artifacts that include a number of artifacts from the oldest wreck in the Gulf Islands.

The Mayne Island charter is a unique way to explore the unlimited beauty offered by the southern Gulf Islands, and a great way to discover this quaint island community. The length of this tour is entirely up to you.









Baby Orca and 6 breaches

This was a perfect vacation - loved the room and view - stayed here our first two days watching the Otter and her baby - the 16 Swans (2 babies), hundreds of Geese - Ducks - Herons - Deer and even a Sea Plane! We look forward to seeing that and maybe us on the website Dieter! Be sure to take a Whale Watching trip through the Islands with Dieter - we saw lots of Whales - a baby Orca and 6 Breaches!! Another must - Port Renfrew and the trails at China Beach. Canada is a beautiful country and the people are wonderful! Thank you Dieter and Annette, Monty and Emily - come visit us!