Victoria cremation services directory

Birds of a Feather Marine scatters ashes in the sea after you have received them back from a funeral home / crematorium such as the ones listed here on this page in random order. Q&A section at bottom of page.

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In Canada the federal government has jurisdiction over all crown land including waterways. There are no federal laws, ergo no restrictions for scattering cremated remains in tidal coastal waters. You can even do this yourself. In fact these may also be scattered, but not buried on federal crown land. The only exception to this if signage is posted in a specific, perhaps environmentally sensitive area.

The transportation of cremated remains is permitted in Canada via air, sea and train.

There is no need to make a decision immediately after the cremation. While many peole do this shortly after the cremation, others choose to wait to scatter the remains on the first anniversary of their loved one’s death to delay the need to make a decision.

While some people will obtain a biodegradable urn which floats for a short time before sinking, and disolving. This is nether necessary, nor commonly done. Typically the ashes are poured out of the container provided by the funeral home / crematorium directly over the side of the boat. It is our job to ensure wind direction and tides are taken in to account when positioning the boat.

A ceremony is not required, however, each scattering is unique. It is typical for all participants to throw flowers over the scattered ashes. From there we have seen everthing from raising a toast to one person sang a song for their father. Occaisionally, a bag-piper is hired for the occasion, however, often a favourite piece of music is played, or even a moment of silence is observed.

Baby Orca breached!

The open air market on Salt Spring Island was a unique and fun experience. The arts and crafts stores in Ganges were a delight to discover. We enjoyed the fresh air, the natural scenery and the Dahl’s porpoises along the way. The ride back to Victoria was even more scenic as we boated through the channel and under the old wooden bridge between the Pender Islands. Going home the long way through the San Juans and around the bottom of San Juan Island was an excellent choice. We saw Orcas and a recently born baby orca breach out of the water! The boat is very comfortable and Dieter knows the waters like a seasoned mariner. We really appreciated having the zodiac all to ourselves and not being on any schedule. This was the best trip to Victoria ever! See you again next year for another adventure.